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about the tally ho sports bar & grill

The Tally Ho Sports Bar & Grill is located in the historic Tally Ho Hotel.  The property has recently received a substantial renovation, including the NEW Tally-Ho Sports Bar & Grill.Different types of bars or pub has operated out of the Tally Ho since 1966, including its origin as a segregated Men’s and Woman’s facility when it first opened.

The 50-room Tally Ho Motor Inn opened at 3020 Douglas Street, Victoria BC in 1961. Along with the beer parlour the new Motor Inn also had a cocktail lounge named the Tack Room. It also had a restaurant.
Like all the new beer parlours attached to the Motor Inn’s, the Tally Ho provided ample parking in the back lot. It still does have plenty of parking!

The Tally-Ho was unique in that the same back lot once served as a marshalling yard for the famed Tally-Ho horses that operated in downtown Victoria.

The Tally-Ho beer parlour was popular with the blue collar crowd as its location was only a few blocks from the massive BCFP sawmill that once dominated the Gorge area. Thirsty mill workers, bus drivers, local small industry workers and others would fill the tables at the Tally-Ho after work and particularly on Friday nights and Saturdays. Like the saws at the mill – the place was humming.

On September 30, 2011 after 50 years the pub, closed its doors. The new owners recognized the value of the location and spent great efforts to get it back up and running. It was completely renovated shortly thereafter and re-opened as the Tally-Ho Sports Bar & Grill.

Tally Ho

The space has provided generations of residents with lasting memories of “the tally-ho”, and the NEW Tally Ho Sports Bar & Grill creates new memories for past and future customers as Victoria’s ONLY place for sports entertainment.

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