You can easily gamble at home or at any place where gambling is allowed. Even so, many people still prefer visiting casinos to gamble. All casinos are aware of this, and so they put a lot of effort to bring customers in, and put even a lot more effort to keep the people that visit from leaving. Casinos are keen on turning themselves into gambling traps for customers.

Most common tricks casinos use to keep you from leaving

They eliminate awareness of time

There is no way you can tell the time in a casino unless you are wearing a wristwatch and check on it. There are no watches around the dealer’s wrist, nor windows, nor clocks on the wall that can help you tell what the time is and react to it. In addition to that, most of the games are made in a fast pace to make you not worry that you are spending too much time on a machine or table. To top that all, big casinos pump extra oxygen in their halls to keep you awake and stop you from leaving.machine

Provide a home-like environment

The casino’s design is not just about aesthetics. The dim lights, music, cleanliness and the interior’s color scheme creates a home-like atmosphere, and on the other hand, the carpets are meant to deliver an irresistible effect to the customers to make them feel welcome and want to stay.

Free stuff

Casinos provide excellent customer service by giving away free stuff. This is to keep their valued guests to keep gambling. Hard drinks are the most common you find in these establishments, and it is meant to cloud your judgment leading you to lose and purchase more chips. They also offer food to keep the customer from getting hungry so that they do not leave the table to eat. Large casinos treat high rollers like princes, complete with free premium suites and discounts to make them spend more time in these places.

The winning illusion

casinosWhile casinos maintain a home-like ambiance, they also concentrate on their main attraction which is gambling. They thus use different elements to make the gamblers think that it is so easy to win their games. For example, the bright exterior lights give a victorious atmosphere, while inside, music makes it look like people are winning everywhere. This makes the gambler spend a lot more wanting to make profit off the casino when the opposite is true.

You do not need to say no to whatever casinos offer you, but you require self-control to avoid falling into the casino’s trap.